Dean and Marie’s Bluebird Bus

“…Dean and his girlfriend, Marie, had since moved into their bus in South East Portland. They wanted more space for a garden and animals and asked my Mom if they could park their bus on some property she owns in the Columbia River Gorge.  Six months ago, they moved out of a driveway in Southeast and into the Columbia River Gorge. They are setting up a greenhouse, extensive garden,  rabbits, pigs, outdoor shower and 400watt solar set up.   This summer, Marie’s honey CSA will be up and running and selling honey from bee’s that live in the area. It’s called the Bluebird Apiary.…”

Photo: Foster Huntington here

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  1. Martin says:

    I wish them good luck – if they're on the Oregon side of the Columbia river they're likely to get busted by the county for an illegal residence. They'll also get busted for the outhouse – illegal anywhere in Oregon.

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