Clamming, Tiny Homes on the Move, New Camera, Trip Up Coast Today

I’m swamped with stuff to do lately — all good — not much time for blogging. Went clamming Friday via kayak. Got 8 horsenecks, 2 Washington clams, bunch of white cockels. Finally got my clam gun working. I like the idea of getting to the mudflats by human power. Clam cakes for dinner last night…On Friday I dropped off a copy of Tiny Homes On The Move at Kevin Kelly’s house, and he wrote:

“I read it cover to cover tonight. What a joy. It’s the most aspirational book you’ve done, making me say, I really should do *that.* Reading it is a lot of fun. Dwelling +Travel. What’s not to covet?  Great job on the book. Def a cool tool.”…Also on Friday I bought my dream camera at Keeble & Schuchat  in Palo Alto (my fave camera store in USA and that includes BH Photo in NYC) from my camera guru, Gary: Olympus OMD M1, with an ED 12-50mm (24-100 mm) zoom lens (built in macro)

(camera nuts see below*)…Heading 3 hours north along the coast right now to hang out for the week with my pal Louie — will be blogging re aventuras.

*I can use all the lenses (full set) from my Panasonic Lumix 4/3…NO shutter lag…Compact in much the same way the Olympus OM1 film camera was, maybe 1/3 smaller than the Canon and Nikon honkers…I could have saved about $100 at Amazon (out of $1800), but talking over all the options with a human expert is way worth it…

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  1. Very excited for you about your camera! I just got a 'new to me' new one, will one day graduate to what you've got but in the meantime, it's fun fun fun ahead!

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