Students in Georgia Working on Tiny Homes in Parking Spots

“I’ve previously taken a look at concepts that explore how parking garages can be harnessed to provide pint-sized housing in increasingly cramped cities. Now, a team of students and faculty from the Savannah College of Art and Design are transforming the starry-eyed notion of living where you park into a reality as part of a game-changing initiative that marries adaptive reuse with innovative tiny house building of the highest order.

    Due to officially launch this Wednesday atop a midcentury parking deck on SCAD’s satellite campus in Midtown Atlanta, the SCADPad project brought together more than 75 students from various academic departments in the collaborative creation of a trio of tricked-out prototype tiny houses. Each SCADPad unit is roughly the size of a single parking spot (135-square-feet) and each sports an array of sustainable features including greywater gardens, 3D-printed toilets, custom-designed furniture, and much more. It’s an apropos locale if there ever was one given the car-centric nature of Atlanta, a sprawling metropolis where many residents truly do live in their cars.…”

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2 Responses to Students in Georgia Working on Tiny Homes in Parking Spots

  1. Anonymous says:

    That's Savannah, not Atlanta

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    From Scadpad site: "SCADpad is located on 1600 Peachtree Street, Atlanta GA, 30309"

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