Square Feet: 84. Possessions: 305

“From time to time, Dee Williams does a possession count. The last tally was 305.

   In many homes, that may amount to the stuff found in the kitchen cupboards, or the contents of one walk-in closet. For Ms. Williams, it included all of her worldly belongings, from her bedroom suite (a mattress and a quilt) to her home entertainment equipment (a laptop) to her jewelry collection (four pieces in all: two necklaces and two pairs of earrings).

   “That’s everything,” she said, adding that she recently ordered a book on house design, a big splurge. ‘I’m constantly going through my stuff, figuring out what I should get rid of. Creep happens.’

When your house is 84 square feet, life gets pared down.…”

Dee Williams has just published The Big Tiny.

Photo by Stuart Isett

For this article, written by Steven Kurutz, which appeared in today’s New York Times, click here.

2 Responses to Square Feet: 84. Possessions: 305

  1. I look around at my cluttered desk, and I wonder if I might not have 305 possessions piled up within an arms length. Good for you, Dee….

  2. I wonder if I should count supplies I keep for all of the things I make as "possessions"?

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