Small Mountain Cabin in Italy

“Designed by EM2 Architekten, this small mountain cabin is set in the region San Vigilio di Marebbe in Italy. The cabin, named Jagdhaus Tamers, features a wall which can be “opened up” to reveal a large floor-to-ceiling window that almost spans the width of the building…When the cabin isn’t in use, or when it’s particularly cold outside, the wall can be rotated back in place to reduce heat loss, or to provide some extra security. The cabin features a number of much smaller slit-like windows that frame different views of the stunning landscape. The small windows and rotating wall were created to allow the cabin to be locked-up from wildlife, and to help prevent intrusion.…”

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  1. patrick s. doyle says:

    Man, Lloyd, you sure know how to pick'em. It's great to see colder climate solutions for tiny homes. After this winter in upstate NY, we can use all the solutions we can get. Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled and showing the way!

  2. Anonymous says:

    love it. thought it is a good idea to have "doors" which can cover the large windows.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Might be useful for some of your readers…

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