New Mountain Bike Park To Open in British Columbia May 10th - Sick!

“Hi Lloyd,

Here is the link to the project Dylan & Coastal Crew have been working on the last year or two…a new year round mountain bike park in Sechelt, overlooking Sechelt inlet, beautiful location, amazing ride!

Joanne/Roberts Creek”


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  1. Steve Evans says:

    Hello Lloyd,Recently I have been researching a cottage where I grew up in the 70's.I found your blog from June 2011 and wondered if it was the same house.It is called Three Chimneys Cottage and it is near the village of Mapeldurham,near Reading,England.It is a listed building and is now in the middle of a golf course.The cottage was very basic,no running hot water,an open fireplace for heating but it still holds very fond memories as we experienced quite a different upbringing to our friends.The sketch is actually very similar to Three Chimneys.Anyway thanks for bringing back some cosy memories.

  2. This looks freaking awesome! Thanks for posting.

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    It was the miller's house in the village of Mapledurham, across the street from the post office. At that time, the village was semi-deserted. I'll bet that nowadays it's a weekend destination for rich people.

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