Caught 15 lbs. Night Smelt Last Night/Knocked Down by Wave

I went out last night with my new fishing guru, Kirk Lombard, netting night smelt. These are beautiful little fish. They come in to sandy beaches after dark during the quarter moon to spawn and there we were with our triangular nets (based on a Native American design). We hit it! I ended up with 16 lbs. Gonna fry some up for lunch. Only thing is, as I was rinsing them off, a rogue wave knocked me over—soaked to the skin, waders and all. This was like 9:30 PM, but I was so stoked I didn’t care. Changed into dry clothes and off to home with my bounty.

   If you live in the San Francisco bay Area and are interested in fishing—or getting fresh fish—here’s his website: There was a long article on him in the SF Weekly here.

I just read a really nice article he wrote on the Wiyot Indians of Humboldt county here. The guy can not only catch fish, but write!

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  1. In Powell River we get herring runs. Because of extensive commercially fishing, numbers have been down. This is the best spawning year we've had in a long time. Here's an article from the local paper with more information.

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks interesting..

    maybe if you have more than you know what to do with.

    pickled smelt (like herring – don't know if it would work but..)
    dried or dried/smoked smelt

  3. Interesting indeed. I read his article too and I was impressed. He has some amazing talent. By the way, how does this fish taste?

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