Tiny Homes On The Move Being Printed Right Now!

I’m at Paramount Printing Company, Ltd. in Hong Kong right now and we’re printing the 1st 16-page “signature.” The press guys, thanks to Rick Gordon’s fine preparatory work, had the colors nailed when I walked in.

   In the old days we made a lot of adjustments while on press, but now, with computer-comtrolled ink management, we’re getting colors correct right off the bat.

   Here’s the final cover.               Thanks for all the feedback on our choice amongst 5 versions. Over 200 people responded to our request for advice; this was the most popular, and our choice as well.

   Rollin’,  rollin’…

5 Responses to Tiny Homes On The Move Being Printed Right Now!

  1. R.Mason says:

    This is so exciting.

  2. Lushimous says:

    Very exciting and so timely….

  3. Kevin says:

    This one I'm gonna get for sure.

  4. That's good . I've been waiting for this one. The other books are great but I always seem to be looking at the one's with wheels ..

  5. Glad to hear the new books is coming along so well. I just love your Tiny Homes book. I keep it on my coffee table to share with everyone who comes over to visit. – Margy

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