Montana Mansion!

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon your book, Tiny Homes, and were so inspired by all the other tiny home dwellers around the world! We, too, have chosen to build ourselves a tiny home in the hills of Paradise Valley, Montana. We have lived here a whopping 4 weeks so far, battling the wind, snow and bitter cold, with nothing but a potbelly stove to warm us. But spring appears to be on the way! We’re crossing our fingers! Anyway, here are a couple of photos for you. We have a lot of work to do still (we haven’t even had a break in the weather to paint the exterior!), but we plan on being all buttoned up by mid-summer. I’d love to take and share more photos as we make progress!
Our tiny house, 16×14, 224 sq ft with Emigrant Peak reflecting in the window. The view from our front door, Emigrant Peak elev 10,915ft

It’s nearing dark so the lighting isn’t ideal for any interior photos. More to come! :)”

Kate & Sam, Emigrant, Montana…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice aspirations/nice job. would love to see more photos as it progresses/inside.

    re the outside…can I suggest …. do something which will not need maintenance/will sort of fit in with the windswept sand blowing around?

    no idea if it would work, but how about "sand" — maybe a rough sand mix in stucco. could use different colour small rocks/sand in separate batches, and use to make a pattern.

    as I say, I have no skill in these things, but when I saw your house/background/geology of the area, it sort of popped into my mind….

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