Monday Morning Hong Kong Fish Fry

This is my 6th day in HKG. It took me a couple of days to get off California time. I totally love this city. Right now am in one of the Pacific Coffee shops with a latte and donut and will soon head back to hotel and pack up…Going out to pick up F&G’s later the morning (Folded and Gathered, meaning unbound pages of the book). I can’t wait — I may be this book’s biggest fan…overf the past 6 months, it’s unfolded itself before our (I include Rick, Lew and David) eyes, day by day. The photos and words became as sort of collective muse — the book put itself together and we helped…Back to HKG: it sparkles, it’s got soul, fung-shui, gemütlichkeit, the food is just great — by avoiding any place with gringos, looking for places that are packed, I’ve had one great meal after another, the most expensive being $15 (with big bottle of San Miguel beer)…the rice diet is right up my alley…Yesterday Trevor & I took the Turbojet ferry to Macau. Holy moly! What a place! What a day! The Casino Lisboa is another planet, the most wild building I’ve ever seen, and impeccably built and detailed…I’m going to throw out a few pics here, have other things I need to do…That one shot is of jerky Macau is famous for…leaving for Hawaii tonight…mas despues…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice pics, thanks

    good travels.

  2. I had no idea jerky was a *thing* there. Wonder what it is made from.

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