Down & Out in Paradise

Well, it all caught up with me. 2 totally sleepless nights in one week, too much travel, coffee, beer, and stress and I pretty much collapsed and have been sleeping for 4 days and still feel weak as a kitten. Dumb! Never miss the water til the well runs dry. Never realize how energy stores are depleted until the body shuts everything down.  Slowly recovering at my friend Tom’s house here on the North Shore. I hope to be up and out there before long. Below: dollar bills pasted on surfboards at Breakers Restaurant in Haleiwa.

2 Responses to Down & Out in Paradise

  1. Unknown says:

    Get plenty of rest. Looking forward to the new book.

  2. You stressed out your adrenals.Its called adrenal fatigue. Too much coffee and stress will shut down then.
    Cut out coffee. Get Adrenal Health by Gaia.The herbs will relax your adrenals.When you relax your adrenals you will have more enegy.Get off coffee ASAP. Also get Maca they will help adrenals.Take at 8am and 1pm .

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