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  1. Anonymous says:

    enjoyed it. Thank you.

  2. I have loved looking at Barns everywhere I've lived. Many more old barns then what they used to be. It says a lot about our country…that Americans are willing to let other countries grow their food and animals. like the song says……"used to be the hub of life." I'd like to learn this song….wonder where I can get the music and words. thanks for posting this one…it spoke to my heart.

  3. Anonymous says:

    seems a shame to let all this wood / recyclables go to waste.

    if you need some time wasting, this is a nice site. have just been going through it. sadly, lots of wasted, abandoned buildings…such a shame.



  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, they all fall down but the story of their rising is where the real lessons stand.

    "Barn raising" was a foundation of American rural life for more than two hundreds years in this country.

    Can you imagine anything more solidifying, sustaining, and non-competitive for a community than devoted neighbors traveling for miles to volunteer their sweat and labor for days to build each others barns, which were private properties and businesses?

    BTW, barnwood is a prized commodity in every region of this country. It's used for indoor siding and furniture and more. Attractive to our sight and touch, it's one of the most real materials we can work with.

  5. I loved old barns that I collected book on them. and YES, I have lots and lots of barn wood in our "new round house". every where and in every room. beautiful wood. All my door jams. (yeah, never have to wash them)…ceilings in the rooms that come off the yurt part of the house…I look at these old barns falling down …and think, "now THAT would be some wonderful wood to build with!!!".

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