A Whole New Octave

A few years ago, a bike messenger in San Francisco (also a musician) was talking about having a newborn baby. “It’s a whole new octave, man,” he said.

   This is how it feels just having finished this book. I can now see the horizon, where until now, I couldn’t see farther than the layout table and the steady stress of bringing the ship into port (book to printers)…I’m in a United 747 right now (airborne wi-fi is finally a reality), heading for Hong Kong and we’ll be printing on Thursday, March 6th and I am EXCITED. The moment when something we’ve worked on for years becomes hold-in-yr-hands reality…Rather than jump back into a new book right away, we’re going to do 2 things, both digital: (1) Start theshelterblog, which will focus on building, carpentry, gardening, homesteading and the home arts and (2) make a series of YouTube videos on diverse subjects, such as The Half Acre Homestead, office workout equipment, photos of my trips, selected material from our books, such as Bob Easton’s drawings of 5 tiny homes in our book Shelter…we’ve got a ton of “content,” and this is a way to supplement our books with communication in the digital world.

  This book has turned out to be exciting, like it’s the sassy young cousin of Tiny Homes…the fact that all these homes are mobile gives the book an exuberance, which I didn’t realize until it was done.

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  1. Can't wait for the book, blog, and vids Lloyd! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    excited to see it all.

    any chance you will be making mini books of the new one? so cool.

    re those you tube videos, suppose you know you can put those adds on them to make money? would sure like to see you make some easy $$$ off of your hard work/our enjoyment/our fun learning from you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the huge effort, looking forwards to it hitting the book shelves and also the Shelterblog 🙂

  4. cant wait for the new book,your books have been with me since shelter first came out ,the first book that I got on funky housetrucks was Roll your own ,which inspired me to get my first live in truck ,a 1956 international metro ,I also made a house on a 1956 3 ton fargo flatdeck and lived in that for 7 years ,now a guest house ,another great book was Rolling Homes ,beautiful house trucks ,so anyways thanks again for your undying love for all things funky and outside the box

  5. What a great feeling! And we're all ready to see your holdable song.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You Tube videos

    Lloyd, ran across this article..Yes I know not same as your potential videos, but wondering if there might be some ideas here for you to make $$$ on yours.


  7. Great news Lloyd, congratulations!
    I'm looking forward to ordering a copy…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Im excited, the homstead owner built stuff is my favorite content on this site.

  9. Lloyd Kahn says:

    To Anonymous above re YouTube videos: Thanks! Not only is that relevant to what we want to do, but Peter Chao had me LOL a bunch of times during his video.

  10. Anonymous says:

    you're welcome re video info. wasn't sure, and glad to know it was useful/enjoyable.

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