Tiny Homes in Chiapas, Mexico

“Hi Lloyd, Looking forward to the release of the new book, Tiny Homes on the Move. My wife, daughter and I have been traveling in Guatemala and Chiapas Mexico since just after the new year and it really does give perspective of how most americans (personas de Estados Unidos) live. I’d say that many of the people here are already living tiny, though not by choice. Just a bit south of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico I photographed these tiny houses for sale (the little yellow one has a price of 24,000 pesos, I think that works out to about $2,000 USD). I have seen similar houses in use in some of the villages around here. There is a bit more forest here so are more wood framed structures, elsewhere pretty much everything is built with concrete and concrete block, though in less affluent places I’ve seen some adobe and mud. I’ve seen older places with something like waddle and daub just about everywhere I’ve gone, though no evidence of newer construction.

Keep up the good works, Rob (August)”

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