Robin on Lawn in Monroe Yesterday

There were a bunch of these hopping around on a lawn yesterday pulling worms out of holes. I love the eye decoration. He seemed to know I was there, hopped around, posing…I’ve started focussing manually instead of relying on autofocus. Takes longer, but pics are sharper.

4 Responses to Robin on Lawn in Monroe Yesterday

  1. Dave Brock says:

    Looks to be a robin. Lots and lots of them here in good ole North Carolina, even though the cardinal is our state bird.

  2. depatty says:

    Looks to be an American Robin which is a member of the Thrush family.


  3. Thats an American Robin, very common here in Utah, is this the first time you've seen them in your area?

  4. El Gaucho says:

    I can't wait to start seeing robins hopping around on the lawn here in North Dakota. It would mean that this long winter is finally over.

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