Photos Yesterday in Monroe, North Carolina

Did I have fun yesterday! Breakfast at the Palace Restaurant in Monroe — was turned onto it by young locals at the Bibi Restaurant the night before — you want real local food? Well, yeh-us!…May have been best restaurant breakfast ever. Eggs scrambled in butter, creamy grits, crisp bacon, homemade biscuits and the capper: $3.80 + good coffee. Then I had a few hours before heading to the airport and I drove around shooting photos. The building are wonderful here, even the falling-apart ones. Learned that Monroe was THE big town in NC,before Charlotte rose to prominence. There were obviously some BUILDERS in Monroe in the day…I’m overwhelmed with things to do here, stuff to report from the trip, taking off for Hong Kong in 5 days…eek…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yup, even to my uneducated eye, the buildings look very well designed/constructed. Sturdy. as you say, they had BUILDERS.

    even though the homes are getting old, their sturdy lines hang on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds like a great place for a real breakfast.

    worst place found so far – nelson, bc – unless you like imitation maple flavored tofu – or some such swill

  3. Anonymous says:

    by the way,

    meant to say,

    have fun in Hong Kong.

    Look forward to pictures of your adventures/interesting sites.

    also curious, if you wouldn't mind, to learn the price of food there, both in restaurants/grocery stores. (if you happen to notice).

    always had the idea it was very pricey there. just last week someone told me it was very cheap.

  4. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Food prices not bad, as I recall from last trip. (Eating at places patronized by locals, not tourist restaurants.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    be interesting to hear what you have to say about food prices , this trip, if they have changed.

    also (as mentioned) excited to see any pictures.

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