Tiny Houseboat in Oregon

“…a tiny houseboat bobbing in the Willamette River. Studio Hamlet Architects, PLLC designed the 433-square-foot water abode for owners who needed a place to live while their main house was being constructed on the Oregon Yacht Club marina.

   Now the compact structure with a corrugated metal ceiling is a guesthouse, with kitchen, bathroom, dining and living space. In the sleeping loft, there is just enough headroom to crawl into bed.

   Architect Russell Hamlet had to adhere to the marina’s strict rules about the size of a concrete float – 18 feet by 34 feet – and elevation restrictions of 15 1/2 feet. Also eating away at the footprint was an exterior deck and a fire code that requires paths and access on all sides. Still, the tiny house can accommodate five guests when a couch is opened up. …”

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