Photos From San Francisco

My friend Louie and I spent a few days in the city last week. Went to Fox Hardware on 4th Street, classic old school hardware store, huge inventory, somehow I’d never been there. Went to the Ferry Building foodie complex (too crowded with tourists), wandered around Union Square, Maiden Lane, went to Macy’s Men’s store, rode escalators up to all 5 floors, saw no clothes of any interest, checked out North Face, went to the Maritime Museum, had 2 Irish coffees at The Buena Vista…

All Saints Co. Tailors had dozens of beautiful old sewing machines as window display.

Above and left: elegant little sailboat built in 1937 at Maritime Museum

Bottom 2 pics: an 8′ El Toro

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  2. Took a similar photo at All Saints last year – mine captured a different window with 5 columns across – the displays were pretty amazing. I'd attach it but I don't know how. Love your blog. Huge fan.

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