Million Dollar Tiny Home in Santa Barbara

“Tucked between Montecitos Upper and Lower Villages, this historic adobe retreat rests on 1.09 acres, privately hidden amongst a forest of mature oaks and the symphony of bird songs. Located on coveted Coyote Road, this home exhibits the perfect balance of privacy and proximity, historic style and natural elements. Never before on the market and only 1 of 3 remaining original Mountain Drive Colony…”

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  1. I see over 150 days and no buyers.Even in Santa Fe NM the trees don't get in the way of your sun sets. Maybe thats it.Beauty don't come cheap.Even when radiation is creeping up on East Coast.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I am in love. So beautiful and well balanced.
    Sure got a shock when I read the price. Guess the old location is everything.

    Intrigued, so I hunted (and hunted) for more info, and from what I could find, was origninally
    An artist colony. Fire burnt most of it down.

    Santa Barbara's Mountain Drive Colony

    Think this might be it, anyone know?

  3. Kevin says:

    This is the sort of development I'm afraid of: homes that are tiny, and yet utterly unaffordable. Strictly for millionaire hobbits.

  4. What a beautiful little home! And that fireplace…wow. Crazy price but who cares, it's gorgeous to look at.

  5. Mr. Sharkey says:

    Thanks for those links, Anonymous. Interesting to see that land prices have taken over the artist's colony, but that the old traditions in the neighborhood carry on, albeit dialed back a bit in wild pagan enthusiasm.

    Some time back, I wondered who, if anyone, is documenting the history of communities like these. The whole of the counterculture of the 1960's and before seems to have been swept under the rug by the culture wars that began in the 1980's.

    Somewhat unrelated, but still a good read is the history of the Diggers, as described by the previous residents of the Morningstar community in N. California:

  6. Cute and tiny home, this is an inspiration for everyone.

  7. I can't believe that this house in Santa Barbara is a million dollars. The home builders in Atlanta, Georgia could built a ton of homes with that kind of money. It just goes to show, how expensive California is.

  8. Anonymous says:

    guess this is another case of the property being worth it..
    however, myself I would LOVE the extra thick walls and footings..Always thought that would be good for heat retention..

    One-room tiny home in Bethesda lists for $475,000

    A 315-square-foot brick single-family home at 4905 River Rd. in Bethesda started life as a Pepco substation but has been a private residence since 1980. Today, the one-room home is listed for sale at $475,000.

    The home, which rests on a 1,848-square-foot lot, could be ideal for anyone fascinated with the idea of living in a former Pepco substation with super-thick walls and floors or a streamlined lifestyle.

    The brick home has 16-inch concrete slab steel girders supporting 22-inch-thick brick walls and a slate roof. The structure was built to keep people away from the electrical transformers inside then sold as a home when Pepco needed a larger space. A chain-link fence still surrounds the home, which has a gravel driveway and space for parking.

    More Pictures here on the Real Estate Listing
    It has a split staircase going upstairs

    Property Description

    Condo living without the fees! TINY house, slate roof with 16" concrete slab steel girders supporting 22" brick walls, providing exceptional insulation!

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