Log Home in Wyoming Inspired by Shelter Books


We just purchased Home Work and Tiny Homes books.  Once again you have inspired us; great images and stories.

   From the Whole Earth Catalog through Shelter we dreamt of building our own home. Coming from suburbia in Kansas it was a fantasy, until we found these books. We pored over them nightly, for years, picking out ideas from the pages and gathering inspiration for the concepts.

   We moved to Wyoming and were able to put a foundation under our dreams. After a weekend workshop on Swedish Cope Log Structures and being inspired by the Russian log churches you wrote about, we started our home. Using a chainsaw, adze and drawknife we put together a  home that has served us well. Now we are reading about other people and their homes we wanted to thank you for all your hard work to help get the information out there.

   Here is a photo of our home, snugged into the side of a hill in Wyoming.

Thanks again,

Gary and Celeste Havener”

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  1. What bigger compliment is there?

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