Living the Deliberate Life in a Secondhand Camper Van


5 Responses to Living the Deliberate Life in a Secondhand Camper Van

  1. Anonymous says:

    These parents should be arrested for child endangerment.

    They are buckled up in seat belts and shoulder harnesses but the two older children are not.

    They seem to be more concerned about showing off their documentary story-telling skills than their children's safety.

    America 2014

  2. Anonymous says:

    They talk about "overuse of resources" yet have 3 kids.

  3. RoadieRyan says:

    The Vanagon of that era did not have shoulder belts in the rear seat just lap belts which the kids are wearing, that seat folds out as a bed.. …perhaps the kids would be "safer" stored in front of a TV with some soda and chips

  4. Anonymous says:


    Why that thing is no safer than an approved school bus, except it has lap belts!

    Well, sounds like dad is a furriner from afercar or japan or sumsuch – cain't spect much.

  5. ….So you hunt out something beautiful and positive and then dig around until you find something to be negative about. Why even bother commenting? Modern joylessness. I'm fairly sure one wasteful person can consume far more resources than five who obviously care.
    I think i'm done now… and i don't know why i bothered commenting! Well said RoadieRyan

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