Life boats for sale in Washington

“Life boat, Party Boat, People Hauler, -$800 each or $1,300 for 2, $2,500 for 4 or $4,500 for all 8. We have 8 of these, model BSC40M. ID plates show made in 1991-1994… They have a diesel 3 cyl Dezus engine, Some Hyd steering, manual bilge pump, some have emerg food/water packages, seat cushions, life vests, emerg food…oars, seat belts for 41 people..etc… They are 25’L by 8′ wide, approx 9′ tall on land. You can stand up in them. Weight is approx 7,400#’s. …”

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From Joy Godsey

3 Responses to Life boats for sale in Washington

  1. Anonymous says:

    they look so interesting, seem to call for some unique use.

    Tiny Home? Should be water proof/resistant to all weather/wind. just need a darn good foundation to set level. oh, and might need to be able to crawl in through a window. shame to cut a door into that.

  2. Max Power says:

    I kinda want to buy one and trim it out it like the Harper Goff design of the Nautilus from the Disney film.

  3. Are the Life Boats still available?

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