Housetruck in New Zealand

“…a couple out of New Zealand…built a housetruck on the back of a 1985 Hino truck. They built everything from the frame, to the walls, to electrical system, to insulation by hand (and feet). Their housetruck has a steel frame that was welded by hand. They also built the cabinets, benches and even the shower custom by hand. They sourced wood from local timber mills and picked up other items second hand to build out the interior. One of the impressive aspects of this housetruck is the beautiful custom windows with inlaid designs shown in the photos.…”

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2 Responses to Housetruck in New Zealand

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kinda liked this small home, to help the poor in Mexico. I like the stone. Gives it a solid permanency. Also would reduce maintenance, and keep it looking sharp, longer.

    more pics here.

    I do wonder if this is actually economically feasible, as it seems so sturdy and well built?

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is promoted as shelter for the homeless, at which I think it would be a hugely appreciated item.

    also, it seems like it would be greatly useful for the independent trekker, such as aka "Lloyd".

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