Waldorf School Portland, Oregon, Looking For Building Teacher

Hi Shelterpub People,

…My parents are wonderful craftspeople who raised me on a rural commune, partly in Berkeley, partly in Bolinas and mostly in Oregon. We had a couple of houses hand-made of recycled materials, and they were efficient and beautiful and made by real people. I feel so lucky to have grown up amid such profoundly human structures.

   Now, I teach 3rd grade in an urban Waldorf school. My class is almost all boys. They’re strong and creative and awesome, and are going to LOVE Lloyd’s book when we do our shelter-building block next Spring. We’ll study shelters around the world, and of course, do some actual building. I plan to purchase as little as possible.

   …Can you connect me with any resources, especially experienced men (role models for these boys….) in the Portland area who may be willing to donate some time to helping us with a building project?

   Thanks for your great work, and your help,

   Virginia Berg

   Gr. 3 teacher Portland Waldorf School


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