2 Responses to Treating Allergies With Pills or Drops Instead of Shots

  1. Do not trust Big Pharama.Oil of Oraganol P73 will clear allergies also kill virus, bacteria, staff, parasites .NYTimes wrore a article about Oregano used by chicken producer as a natural antibiotic. He tried every thing and found this the very best.
    Why take Flue shots.It works.

  2. Anonymous says:

    can't say as i could argue with Howard Taylor's sentiments…

    one look at the picture, and shees it looks creepy..

    doesn't seem right, somehow.

    don't know about Oil of Oreganol for allergies, but I did see the article on its use as antibiotic.

    me, i used to have terrible allergies, started taking mangosteen juice. allergies pretty much history, except for a few i stay away from.

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