Shellstar Pavilion by Architect Andrew Kudless

“…The form emerged out of a digital form-finding process based on the classic techniques developed by Antonio Guadi and Frei Otto, among others. Using Grasshopper and the physics engine Kangaroo, the form self-organizes into the catenary-like thrust surfaces that are aligned with the structural vectors and allow for minimal structural depths.…”

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2 Responses to Shellstar Pavilion by Architect Andrew Kudless

  1. Kevin says:

    Love the design. It's reminiscent of Ernst Haeckel's prints of radiolaria, and Darcy Thompson's natural forms. I also very much like the way that all the cells or modules can be individually created at a small scale; I could probably manufacture every one of them on my drawing board. My only reservation is the use of coroplast. It's a very strong and easy-to-form sheet material, and relatively cheap too, but petroleum based plastics have terrible long-term consequences for the environment. I've been looking for years for some sheet material with comparable properties, but so far found none. Some form of hemp or other cellulose material, perhaps? It would open up whole worlds of structural possibilities.

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