Calgary man living in tipi despite freezing temperatures

“Connor Ferster has been living in a teepee on the eastern outskirts of Calgary since Sept. 15. He made the choice to “have a better relationship with the natural world.”

Photograph: Gavin Young, Calgary Herald

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  1. Kosta says:

    Loyd see as russian survived in tent from film in minus 28 degrees on celsius nearly month
    And there is continuation beside this histories in that place…

  2. Mr. Sharkey says:

    But… aren't mice part of the natural world he wants to have a better relationship with?

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Not a single person in the CBC forums or Calgary Herald forums mentioned Reginald and Gladys Laubin and their book about tipi history, construction and living. I think it was entitles "The Book Of The Tipi". When I was a youngster in the early seventies this book was on the shelf along with TWEC, Shelter, Shanks and Shanties, Domebook Two and of course, oh,….some other book I've forgotten the title of. Much Love.

  4. I was literally looking where to buy tipis when I came across the story about you. I am currently wanting to do this myself but I have a couple questions for you. What size Tipi did you get? I know it's a 15oz canvas with liner but I"m seeing a lot of options, not sure what I need. I absolutely love your set up. was it a 16'?

  5. Anonymous says:

    here is an update on this man. he has sold his tipi, and built a tiny house. Gosh, seems like this is someone yu should chat with…

    Lloyd, I hunted around on google, and I think this is the same fellow

  6. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Anonymous,Thanks, it will go on TheShelterBlog in the near future.

  7. Anonymous says:

    you're welcome. glad it is of use/interest.

  8. Anonymous says:

    you gotta admit, those Canadian men are tough…

    check out the physics student who lived in a tent to save on rent

    Montrealer Evan Eames camped in a Stockport back garden for 10 months while earning his master’s degree in astrophysics

    A student camped in a back garden in Greater Manchester for a year after he was unable to afford rent on top of his £20,000 tuition fees.

    He endured snow, high winds and persistent Mancunian rain for 10 months before packing up his tent and heading back to Canada last week.

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