Amazon Drones, Late Christmas Deliveries

What a dumb idea. A helicopter delivering your book or electronic gizmo or toaster within hours of your order? Come on. Who needs to get things that fast? What about the danger from the whirling helicopter blades, the resources used in making and operating these drones? Does the over-consuming American consumer need this kind of coddling? Bezos is a brilliant guy, true that, but this is a turkey of an idea. And 60 Minutes going along with what turned out to be an infomercial for Amazon. Where’s Mike Wallace?

   In the same vein, there were stories all over the news a few days ago about—horrors—UPS and FedEx making deliveries a day or so later than expected. Our FedEx guy apologized yesterday, and Jeff, our hard-working UPS driver, was working on Christmas Eve. I apologized to them for having to work so hard. All I have to say is, so fucking what if you get your package a day or so later? Let’s get some perspective here.

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    Lloyd, you are absolutely right. But if the younger generation wants this — and it's them who want it and are giving it the green light to happen — then I say let 'em have it. It's going to continue until even they are disgusted with what they've created, and they alone will have to try to fix it.

  3. Gill says:

    Right On Lloyd! The monetizing of every breath we take, and drop of water we drink has to stop now!



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    Totally agree!!! Thanks, Lloyd

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    Couldn't have stated it better myself.

  6. Martin says:

    Yeah, I can't wait 'til pizza places and other fast-food outlets, etc. adopt Bezos' strategy – chaos in the low-level skies!! What Fun!!!

    Fully agree on the 'late delivery' fiasco. You want it delivered by Christmas? Order early. Otherwise suffer in silence.

  7. MariaD says:

    The use case of holiday delivery is extremely silly. But there are nobler causes. Think of what a service like that could do for small farmers, for example. A farmer could send a fresh package – even perishables! – directly to your home. Right now, small farmers pretty much don't survive, because so few of them can manage distribution. CSA coops are way too expensive, precisely because delivery problems are so huge.

    All robotic and electronic tools have been getting about twice as cheap every six months or so, for the last few decades. If this trend applies to drones, they will soon become cheaper human-driven truck deliveries. There is a hope for better ecology, as well, though this part remains to be seen.

    "The last mile" (delivery to customers from a hub) is a HUGE problem in all industries. Nobody knows yet if drones, as described by Amazon, provide a good solution. It will probably take much research and many years to improve things. For my part, I am glad people are working on deep innovations.

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