4 Responses to 20 of the best wooden spoons in the world

  1. Your writing's of spoons have been an inspiration to me. I've made many many spatulas now and gonna learn more about spoons. THANKS SO MUCH….

  2. This link was a joy to see and to read. What a wonderful glimpse into a niche world about a subject I've always loved, but had no idea it was so broad and deep. Thank you, Robin, and thanks, Lloyd, for sharing it with the rest of us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ha, its a small world of handmade things. I follow Lloyd's blog (and have bought his books) because of my interest in handbuilt houses – and looking at the spoons I see that our mutual friend Peter Kohidi features with a few spoons. Peter has spent a day or so putting mud plaster on my strawbale house here in Hungary.

  4. BCKRVUE says:

    The right tool for the job. I've tried my hand at making a few wooden spoons while killing time down in the sugar bush in the spring. My inspiration came from my visit to the Good Life Center and from reading The Good Life by The Nearings. here is a link to a few spoon shots http://bckrvue.blogspot.com/2011/03/good-life-center.html

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