Up The River Last Week

Louie’s house, the river, Titsch and Louie on our 3-hour river walk last Wednesday:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd, am sure you know this, but some times it is nice to hear it again..

    all in all, from the folks/things/places you share with us, you've done an enviable job of creating a good life.

    it surely makes me want to work towards some of these things.


  2. Sol says:

    the side of that house makes me really happy. All that lovely stacked wood. its beautiful. What a lovely place to live.

  3. Martin says:

    I like the stacked wood on the house-side deck too, but I'm a wee bit concerned about all that weight on what appears to be a substantial cantilever – gravity always wins….

  4. Sol, that is exactly how I feel about it. Beautiful! Martin, spoken like a true engineer, and good advice for sure. On the bright side, the load likely eases as the winter advances.

  5. bayrider says:

    Did you ride the bosun's chair to get to Louie's? The film you made of that was one of the first posts I saw on this blog. I knew you and friends were a different and rare breed of cats!

  6. Lloyd Kahn says:

    This time of year we can walk across the river.

  7. Margot says:

    Does Louie still have the cable ride to his house? I love that video of you taking it over to his place for dinner one night.

  8. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Margot, used in winter when river is high.

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