House and Garden on Different Pieces of Land

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david stanley has left a new comment on your post “Treehouse Builder Busted in Germany – Looking to Move”:

I have a suggestion. Can you separate the house from the land in your mind? You can live in a small house in a town or village and buy or rent land to grow and do your other projects. This is what we do. I have a tiny 150 year old terrace house in a historic town in England and I rent a workshop with an acre attached 3 miles away. I work and grow most of our food there. It costs me £100 per month as I share the workshop and there are no services. I use a generator and solar/wind to charge gel batteries. My food growing is integrated into my working day making furniture. But of course we cannot live there as there is no permission. It is within easy cycling distance of home so the commute is very cheap. Our house is entirely heated with burning off-cuts from the workshop or free from skips. Now the mortgage is paid we can live as a family of three on less than £1000 per month ($1300?) That leaves us plenty of time and funds to go off for wilderness trips if we want but most of us can’t cope with long term wilderness living. I love what you have built but I can guess that maybe your neighbours had some fears and that they notified the authorities. Will they need to be demolished if you move out? I hope it goes well anyway.

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  1. Wonderful. Some common sense in an insane world…

  2. Kevin says:

    According to Dmitry Orlov, this is how many Russians survived terrible economic times during the 1990s: famies living in urban apartments raised food on land they had beyond the edge of town, from where they would return home on the bus with sacks of potatoes or the like.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I also do this. I have a teeny tiny home on a lake in upstate NY with no room for a garden, so I bought a very inexpensive 5 acre piece three miles up the road that costs me only $200 a year in property taxes. It gives me wood for the stove and gardening space for vegetables. An ideal situation.

  4. judith says:

    We have an area in our town that the locals are able to lease a raised garden spot, as large as one would care to "farm". Water for the plot is included in the rent and you have to provide your own water hose, this would help me not to run off and leave the hose running on the garden while I did some shopping in the adjoining shopping center. The farmers agree to give a portion of their bumper crop to the local food kitchens. We live in a single family home with a good sized yard so there is no need for this in my lifestyle, but I think it's an awesome idea.

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