Gorgeous, Stunning Book by Jimmy Nelson -- "Before They Pass Away"

This book just floored me. What photos! What a photographer!  I ordered a copy, and it ain’t cheap. I not only want the book, but want to support Jimmy Nelson. (Recommended by Rick Gordon.)

Before They Pass Away is a powerful documentary series by photographer Jimmy Nelson featuring dozens of cultures around the world whose people live in seclusion and are at risk of fading away. Traveling across five continents, the English photographer manages to embrace the various cultures he has encountered and highlights each of the 35 tribes’ unique beauty.From Ethiopia and Nepal to Papua New Guinea and Siberia, Nelson exhibits a wide array of environments that these diverse tribes inhabit.The refreshing project goes beyond exhibiting humans across the globe, though, documenting their culturally rich lifestyles and appearances. Each community displays their own means of survival while retaining their distinct spirituality and exhibiting their diverse decorative adornments.

There is a very human appeal to viewing Nelson’s series. Though modern civilizations are equipped with technology and an abundance of unnecessary possessions, the photographer digs deep into the remote tribes of the world, finding something far greater than gadgets and gizmos—a sense of humanity.…”

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And here! The photos are just gorgeous on Jimmy Nelson’s website here. If you don’t buy the book, you can look at tons of these wonderful images. Full screen, clear dazzling color. Sorry to go on, but it just knocked me out. Changed my day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The way things are going we might pass away first.They would then be on the cutting edge of survival.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love "Changed my day" moments. Thanks for sharing this one Lloyd! (even more then usual…)


  3. bayrider says:

    Absolutely stunning, I just spent the entire morning looking through a small portion of the material available online. I will be spending many more in the future.

    I also read some interviews with Nelson where he explained that this project was a direct consequence of his commercial work falling apart in the financial crisis of 2008. What a triumph of vision and determination.

  4. Wow. I know you see many unusual things, so if this book changed your day, it must be more than wonderful. I told my husband (a Jewish agnostic) I'm not going to buy him a Christmas present this year, but maybe I should buy this one for his 70th birthday in March. I'm off now to look at the links you provided.

  5. Unknown says:

    Very cool Lloyd, thanks for this tip. And you'll want to keep your eyes peeled next spring for two books coming from PGW client Goff Books. Disclaimer: co-author Nina Wegner is a former co-worker and old friend, but these books are amazing, and the work she and her husband Taylor are doing through their Vanishing Cultures Project are truly inspirational http://www.vcproject.org/. Mongolia's Nomads: Life on the Steppe http://www.pgw.com/home/titlesearch.aspx?ISBN=9781939621054 and Mustang: Lives and Landscapes of the Lost Tibetan Kingdom http://www.pgw.com/home/titlesearch.aspx?ISBN=9781939621061

  6. Anonymous says:

    I suppose there is some value in chronicling narcissistic stone age cultures, yet I'm not sure what that value would be. Lives of drudgery (no wheels?!) female genital mutilation – ah, no thanks.

    Kinda speaks against evolution, doesn't it?

  7. jandean says:

    I spent a couple hours this afternoon at the bookstore marveling at this tome. Made it half way through and then went into sensory overload. It is stunning and marvelous. And heavy.

  8. To Anon: I'm not down with genital mutilation either HOWEVER this man's work is not about celebrating primitive human foibles. It does chronicle lost or nearly extinct cultures in all their variation. You don't have to agree with voodoo or multiple gods or any other ancient practice to be moved from a visit to his site.
    What I got was the realization that all of us, no matter where we live or how primitive or modern we are, have the same needs and share the same joys. Humanity is served by this man's work. Be not afraid or suspicious. Be enchanted by our vulnerability, lasting strengths and similarities.

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