Cops Try (In Vain) To Stop Skateboarders in NYC's Broadway Bomb


“The annual Broadway Bomb is an unsanctioned 8-mile race through Manhattan from West 116th Street down to the Financial District on skateboards. The New York Police Department was out in full force to stop the participants on October 12th, but as you can see from this video of one intersection, they weren’t very successful. Racing skateboarders generally move faster than cops with a net. Still, out of somewhat over 1000 skaters, at least 35 were issued summons, and several were handcuffed.
The question is: which is more dangerous overall, 1000 skaters in the streets of the city, or police officers movings nets around intersections?”

From Rick Gordon

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sigh…seems to me, this pretty much typifies how our society in North America (and other "industrialised" countries)…are "evolving".

    complain about lack of activity in youth/obesity in youth
    -but then tell them to shut up and sit down, none of that rowdy skatboarding stuff

    complain about lack of get up and go in youth
    -but then smash them down when they get up and go

    complain about lack of initiative in youth
    -but then smash them down when they show initiative

    complain about lazy youth
    -but then smash them down

    so, is there ANY reason the police/city/someone couldnt have re directed traffic for the duration? seems like traffic is frequently "redirected" "blocked off" for walkathons/marathons to raise funds for cancer research (and golly gee, anyone heard that MOST of that money does not go to research but to salaries for executives and to advertising? there is more of cancer funds spent on advertising than on research).

    the entire police activity seems sad. what an opportunity lost, to engage skateboarders/to get folks active/to inspire others..

  2. Well I had never heard of it. I'm thousands of miles away on the other side of the ocean. Thanks to the Police antics I certainly know now :0) Wonder if there will be 10000 competitors next year thanks to this publicity.
    I have never been to NY and aint skated in 25 years. I watched this vid afterwards.
    What a great way to see NY, and an exhilarating watch, skating through traffic and pedestrians, I like the skater fiming, shouting warnings ahead and thanking folk as he passes. Dude !
    So you gonna do it next year Lloyd ?

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