Around the World in a Volkswagen Westfalia

“…We have travelled through places like Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Polynesia, New Zealand, Japan and even circum-navigated North America in our VW Westfalia.  Currently we are on a grand adventure in our Westy, driving through the Americas.

Departing Los Angeles in October, 2012 we drove through Baja Mexico, shipping the van from La Paz to Mazatlan.  Next we explored mainland Mexico- we adore Mexico greatly, and really miss Mexican food!  Central America packed a lot into a tiny space: mountainous Guatemala, amazing surf in El Salvador, bumpy roads in Honduras, friendly people of Nicaragua, stunning beauty of Costa Rica and the hustle of bureaucracy to ship the van from Panama City, thru the famed canal to Cartagena, Colombia.   We three flew to meet the van in Colombia and only 9 days later than expected, were off to explore South America!  Colombia has a reputation out-shadowed by the friendliness of its people, who go above and beyond their means to offset that nasty wrap.  In Ecuador we enjoyed both snowy high peaks and warm tropical beaches.  Peru has a remote north with pumping waves, a mountain spine bursting with indigenous culture, and lush rainforest in the Amazon; we have only barely crossed into Chile, where the remote Atacama desert is king.  11 countries, and who knows how many more!  We are in love with our life on the road and are pleased you are following along.…”

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