War and Peace, Wolf and Wolf

Article in Sunday New York Times, “Are We Hard-Wired for War?” By DAVID P. BARASH
September 28, 2013

…concluded with:

“…There is a story, believed to be of Cherokee origin, in which a girl is troubled by a recurring dream in which two wolves fight viciously. Seeking an explanation, she goes to her grandfather, highly regarded for his wisdom, who explains that there are two forces within each of us, struggling for supremacy, one embodying peace and the other, war. At this, the girl is even more distressed, and asks her grandfather who wins. His answer: ‘The one you feed.’”

2 Responses to War and Peace, Wolf and Wolf

  1. Anonymous says:

    We the USA feeds the military industrial complex .Peace

  2. bouls says:

    I hope we can all learn to feed Peace more. It seems we feed the other far too often with tragic results. Thanks for this post Lloyd.

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