Village of Tiny Homes For Homeless in Wisconsin

“Occupy Madison’s ‘OM Build’ initiative to create a sustainable village of “tiny homes” for the homeless got a big boost Tuesday.

   The Madison Common Council voted to amend the city’s zoning code to allow tiny houses, like the single 96-square-foot trailer-mounted cottage Occupy Madison has constructed so far, to be set up on the property of churches and other non-profit organizations.

   Tents could also be set up on property owned by such groups, which would need to have a management plan for sleeping areas, restrooms and parking, under the amendment.…”

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Photo: Mike DeVries, The Capital Times

2 Responses to Village of Tiny Homes For Homeless in Wisconsin

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice. they look sturdy, well made. steel roofs and all.
    i think this would give folks more dignity and independance.

    would love to see pics of inside, checked site, but didnt see any.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's fantastic! Love to read good news like that. Namaste, Shell

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