Tiny houses create new green community


Lee Pera is a government employee who worked right on through the shutdown. Not at her day job as a geographer at the EPA. Instead, she spent her days building a tiny house.

It is not even 200 square feet, but the house turns heads in her neighborhood off North Capitol Street.

   As you might imagine, Pera and her EPA co-workers are passionate about the environment. That is why during the shutdown, they have teamed up to help Pera build her environmentally-friendly house.

She has been working on it for over a year now, but mostly on weekends. The shutdown has freed up some extra time.

They are sawing, drilling and hammering things together.

“It’s nice to get outside of the house and it’s actually nice to be helping. It’s helping a friend. And it’s also a great community effort,” says Monica Shimamura, an EPA colleague.

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  1. That's my house (Elaine Walker) with the red trim. Lee Pera's house is to the left (white sheet on the landing) and Jay Austin's is to the right (with the chains). Brian Levy is the owner of the land and his Minim House is to the right of Jay's. It can be see when you click on the full article.

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