Tiny Homes of Recycled Materials in Maryland

These look really nice to me; they remind me of Tiny Texas Houses, featured in Tiny Homes. Look at the curve in the little roof over door — nice!

 “In an age when homes include four car garages, media rooms and man caves, one Maryland company is bucking the trend.

   Hobbitat, a construction company not affiliated with “The Lord of the Rings,” specializes in tiny houses made of reclaimed and reused materials. Each of their houses—called hobs—are around 250 square feet and can sleep up to four people. Each hob takes between six and eight weeks to build and can be moved to its new site in a single day.

   The only design rule: the structure must be able to fit out the door of their shop.

‘It takes a special kind of person to live in a tiny house,’ said Sue Thomas, co- founder of Hobbitat.…”

Click here for story.

Click here for Hobbitat home page.

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  1. David Stoll says:

    Lloyd-greetings and fair tides. Suspect that you may have seen this today, as you know of Dan Price already but thought that I would share none the less. Thanks for keeping the blog going, appreciate the time and looking forward to your new book


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