Timber Frame Building Near Fargo, North Dakota

October 7, 2013

To Shelter:

A quick photo update of a project I’ve been working on all summer. My role nearing completion.

-Owner builder frame, cut on site near Fargo, North Dakota

-Fluctuating itinerant crew of Tom Cundiff, Sean Struntz, Jayson Wilson and me

-Joinery and frame design by Andrea Warchaizer, Tom Cundiff, and me

-Architectural design by Andrea Warchaizer

-Timber supplied by Bruce Lindsey at Evergreen Specialties

Hope everyone is well…

Uh…am I unemployed now?


Adam Valesano

651 332-3925

2 Responses to Timber Frame Building Near Fargo, North Dakota

  1. Anonymous says:

    He must be outside of 40 miles away from Fargo, wouldn't call it near. Other than the dump and dikes, there are zero hills and very few trees within 40 miles of Fargo. Looks more like he's down in where you start getting into lakes country in Minnesota.

  2. Jayson Wilson says:

    Looks great Adam! Congrats. Curious…how'd you straighten out my fancy bandsaw snafu on the collar? Just wondering

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