Opportunity Village - Housing For Homeless in Eugene, Oregon

“Just a couple of weeks ago, Cynthia Coconato’s home was the street and her car, and her daily priority was finding a place to park for the night.

Today, Coconato is among the first residents of Opportunity Village, Eugene’s new transitional housing center for the homeless.

   She lives in an 8-foot-by-8-foot “budget bungalow” that gives her a bed, some shelves, a window and a door. It is currently uninsulated and has a noticeable gap where the walls meet the roof.

But for Coconato, it’s more than just a temporary place to lay her head. It’s the ticket to a better life.

“It’s amazing,” she said Saturday while showing off her bungalow during the grand opening for Opportunity Village in west Eugene. “It gets better every day.”

   So far, 16 small housing units are open for use in the village, with 14 more to come. Already up are nine of the budget bungalows and seven Conestoga huts, 6-foot-by-12-foot structures with a curved roof that gives them the look of a homesteader’s prairie schooner.…”

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