Micro Gypsy Wagon Towed by Bike

“…It’s about 12 square feet of floor space which is actually a bed. I wanted something I could carry art supplies in as well as a fair amount of finished paintings.

   All storage is under the bed. Three removable panels under the sleeping pad, which folds, provide access to the art supplies, my clothes, and the galley.

   The bed can also be converted to a sitting space with a small table which can be used for dining or computer work. A table mounts on the side, as does the small sink, and the one burner camp stove sits on the table, which doubles as counter space for preparing meals.

   About 80% of the materials I used are recycled and repurposed. The aluminum that makes up the chassis and framing for the port-side wall came from an old broken pop-up craft fair booth, as did most of the screws and bolts.…”

From Tiny House Talk here.

(We’re starting on the overflow from Tiny Homes on the Move.)

Sent by Rick Gordon

2 Responses to Micro Gypsy Wagon Towed by Bike

  1. Anonymous says:

    very nice. impressed.

  2. Kevin says:

    I especially like that it's a traveling art studio. My kinda wagon.

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