Fishing Village/Artists' Community/Tiny Homes On Slough in BC, Canada

Hello Lloyd,

I’ve been following the progress of your next book with interest, and the other day found a funky little community made of artists that might fit in well with the subject material. It’s this little fishing village in Richmond BC (Canada) left over from the old days, it’s called Finn Slough, and apparently it’s there illegally and is embroiled in a legal battle for whether the residents can stay. All the shanties are built on stilts over a marsh, and they’re all shake-covered, hand-made, and definitely not to code! I walked past it and thought it looked like something out of your previous books. They have a website, but it doesn’t have the best photos of the shanties. It might be worth contacting them? I remember one place had an upside down boat as the veranda, and what look liked salvaged stained glass windows.


Kai Watkins


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. gary green says:

    they look like fishing huts, place to store nets and fishing gear, all those gil net boats dock there .lots of bucks for those boats !!!

  3. Martin says:

    Wonder if the 'legal battle' has to do with sanitation and safety of the structures.

  4. dragonfly says:

    I used to live not far from Finn Slough, I regularly walked my dog there. Nice place, friendly people. One guy had a big bowl of water out front for passing dogs… I think the legal battle has to do with ownership of the land, there is a legal absentee owner who is trying to reclaim the land from the "squatters". A lot of local sympathy for the inhabitants of the slough, it is a quirky addition to the landscape.

  5. Anonymous says:

    if, as dragonfly suggests, these folks are squatters..well…

    for sure if one does not have to pay taxes/mortgage pay'ts on land, it is MUCH easier to be care free sort of live and let live. I think what they have built here looks amazing, sort of an easygoing picture life..nice for sure…

    however, if they, in reality, have done it off the back of someone who has worked to pay the bills, it is not quite so "ideal"

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