Dolphins and Whales and Birds, Oh My!

Thursday morning I went surfing at Pleasure Point, or rather, paddling. These years, I’ve  been somewhat intimidated going out anywhere in Santa Cruz. So many surfers scrambling for each wave, and moi is slow getting up. There’s always someone either in front of me (I’m afraid I’ll run them over) or behind me (cardinal sin is blocking right-of-way of surfer-in-curl), so I back off on most waves. I got one kinda mediocre one.

   BUT it was a most beautiful morning, sun shining, water way warmer than up here in NorCal, glassy in the kelp beds, ocean glittering, sky deep blue, guys were friendly, who’s gonna complain? I’ve got 2 grandsons down there now, so I’m going down more often, going to start working my way back into the SC surf scene.

   Surf Matts, Boogie Boards, Wave Skis Nary a one in sight at any of the major spots. Unwritten SC code: no mats or boogies at the Hook, Lane, Outside Pleasure Point, etc. I can understand this. Much less skill needed to ride these, they could clog the waves, so these guys go out only at shore break spots like 26th Ave., Little Wind ‘N Sea, 17th Ave. cove. Whereas at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, there are so many breaks that matt surfers or boogie boarders can take off without impinging on board surfers.

Dolphins My friend Betty and I went to visit a friend Friday morning, whose house looks out on the full ocean and I have never seen anything like it: dozens of groups of dolphins swimming and leaping all over the place. There were whales spouting plumes of water and jumping. Big balls of birds, pelicans dive bombing for anchovies. Apparently the anchovies and/or herring have risen to the surface and have been pushed in towards shore, and  the fish come after them and the dolphins after the fish — a feeding frenzy. We were all transfixed. It made me so happy to see this exuberant ocean life. Here’s a case of the Good New Days. Nothing like this in SC back in the Golden ’50s.

Music and Late Night Creek Dip Many is the time I’ve stopped in at The 4th Street Tavern in San Rafael on my way home at night and lucked into good music. Friday it was The Way Far Brothers. There were less than 10 people in the bar, and these guys were good! Nothing like up-close live music.

On the way home, I stopped off at “my” creek pool and got under the waterfall. Full moon. Water not bad. Instant shot of energy, never fails. Shot this picture of the fog coming in from the ocean.

5 Responses to Dolphins and Whales and Birds, Oh My!

  1. gary green says:

    hey now Llody, Glad you got out in the water, i'm the same way, got my waves, and still getting a few. there's three spot's down here in san diego were its just us old guys. i'm kind of gliding instead surfing!! get out there with those grandsons,that so cool that you got them to surfer with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In the more than several years I've been riding my mat at or near PP, I've had 99.999% acceptance.

  3. Sounds like Nirvana. Great tale of the good life.

  4. Magical days and nights, life is good! What a window view that must be.

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice to hear about these excursions…

    sounds pretty good. betting you enjoyed all.

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