$500 Backyard Cob Cabin in Reno, Nevada

“Hello, Mr. Kahn.  I was recently reading through your latest book while at my friend Coenraad’s place in Oregon and feel he (and his homes) would be a good candidate for your next book.

   Coenraad Rogmans (click hereis a great natural builder who has built dozens of cob and bale homes and other structures for the past 15 years or so.  He runs House Alive (click here) and in addition to being a fabulous builder is a fantastic teacher with a great philosophy on building and design.  He’s also a good friend and mentor.

   Also, if you’re ever in Reno swing by our place to see what we’re doing in the urban environment.  Right now we’re putting the finish plaster on a 200 sq foot “cob-board’ cabin in our backyard and an earthen floor after that.  It’s stick framed with all salvaged wood, infilled with cardboard kept on with wood lathe and covered in earth and straw.  There’s also a cob nook.  Clay from our property, sand from the desert up the road, total cost about $500 (mainly gas to get the wood and roofing). The pic is older but I can get a newer one if you’re interested.  We live without electricity (nor fossil fuels or a car) so taking a pic takes me getting a neighbor/friend with an i-phone over.

   All the best and thanks for doing great work.

   Kyle Chandler-Isacksen”

Look what you can do in a city backyard! – LK

3 Responses to $500 Backyard Cob Cabin in Reno, Nevada

  1. Anonymous says:

    looks nice…wish there were more pics/inside, but maybe in that next book……………………………………………….

  2. I like the stones around the base…it has a nice Nevada feel overall, doesn't it?

  3. Sandy Rowley says:

    I would LOVE to have a visit? Can you call me ? 775 453 6120.
    thank you so very much for sharing.

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