Treehouse by SunRay Kelley in Portland

From Chris McClellan:

 “…the treehouse SunRay built in Portland in a 300 year old fir tree in the middle of a suburb. When one of the neighbors complained and brought out the building inspector he apparently fell in love with it because he told them to take the stairs down and put up a ladder so it wouldn’t be a deck because he had no authority over treehouses that weren’t decks with stairs.”

Chris’ website:

3 Responses to Treehouse by SunRay Kelley in Portland

  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful…would love to sit in it..


    thankfully a building inspector with common sense (quite rare)

    (and a sad pathetic neighbor, if the neighbor could not appreciate the rare beauty/technique and soul of this creation….)

  2. Anonymous says:

    18 more treehouses….worth a look, but gosh, some of these are much more than a treehouse….

  3. Hooray for sanity over scrooge!

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