Tipi Village in Oregon

“Hi Lloyd, love the books and the blog!

Do you know about “Tipi Village” near Ashland, Oregon? It’s a semi-nomadic collective of tipi-dwelling families and individuals that has been around for almost 6 years. They live simply and lightly on the land, demonstrating that it is possible for modern humanity to return to a more traditional way of life.

   The tipis are made with hand-cranked sewing machines, for members to live in, or to sell to support the village. The “Big Lodge” is a 27 ft community tipi where friends and travelers can visit awhile, learn more about the tipi lifestyle, or perhaps consider if they might want to create their own tipi home and stay.

   The community has until October 1st to raise $333,000 to purchase the land they have been living upon since 2008–or face eviction. A wealthy neighbor wishes to purchase the land and donate it to a governmental organization that does not believe that people and nature can live in harmony together.

   Tipi Village is accepting tax-deductible donations towards the land purchase, and seek to protect the integrity of the land with a conservation easement, so it will never again be sold or “owned” by an individual.…This is a unique community and beautiful wilderness, where those that seek a simpler way of living have the opportunity to visit, learn and share with others of like mind.


   -Monica J.R.”

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  1. dweeb says:

    Just came across this blog / web site and glad to see you are alive well and still kicking.
    The two dome books and especially Shelter (1) were massive influences to my brain. They blew the doors of a lot of convention and started me on a voyage of learning and observing ( a work still in progress). It sent me on paths of building furniture , a dome, carpentry and, design in general. Thank you your your huge efforts to unleashing our creative minds. I still have my two shelter books from 40 years ago. They are still inspiring.
    many thanks
    andrew / toronto/ canada

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