Tiny House (229 Sq. Ft.) Sells For $165,000 in Toronto

“That almost impossibly tiny house in Toronto…has found a buyer after just three weeks on the market, though it sold for well below asking price.

   The property at 30 Hanson St. on the east side of Toronto’s inner city got a lot of publicity on real estate sites and blogs as an example of just how tight the city’s housing market has become.

   So tight, in fact, that a house the size of a typical backyard tool shed went on the market for $229,000, enough money to buy a large suburban home in some Canadian cities.

   But it sold this week for $165,000, the National Post reports, a good 28 per cent below asking price.…”

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2 Responses to Tiny House (229 Sq. Ft.) Sells For $165,000 in Toronto

  1. daltxguy says:

    When they say 'tight', what they really mean is 'bubble'. Canada's real estate market, fuelled by low interest rates has yet to pop.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Price way too high. I thought a big part of the point of tiny houses was to free one from the real estate mortgage debt paradigm, but this begins to fulfill my worst fears for where tiny houses might go: straight into the clutches of speculators.


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