Saab Camper Shell

“…The Toppola…is the detachable camper add-on tailored to exactly match the shapes and contours of a Saab 900’s rear end. You remove the rear hatch, mount the tall, plastic camper bulge, and off you go. The amount of IKEA goods a Toppola can hold is surely nothing short of enormous, and the weight addition is a mere 250 lbs.”

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From Evan Kahn

4 Responses to Saab Camper Shell

  1. Malcolm says:

    The photo shows a Citroen BX, the site includes photos of Saabs.

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Malcolm, Thanks; changed pix.

  3. Ember says:

    Found this great link in the comments of the Ode to Toppola. It's an ad for the Toppola. Enjoy! ~Ember

  4. Shaun Mike says:

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