Roadkill Now Legal in Montana

“As some Montanans see it, when it comes to the thousands of animal carcasses that litter the state’s roads and highways each year, there is only one logical thing to do: Eat them.

   Under a new state law, people who come across dead deer, elk, moose and antelope — or strike them with their vehicles — may now haul the animals home for dinner.…”

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From Lynn Kading

One Response to Roadkill Now Legal in Montana

  1. Montana is just a few miles from here, so this is an interesting article, Lloyd. I can see not wasting the meat, but surely homeless shelters who welcomed such bounty before would miss receiving it.
    On the other hand, why not? Who is crazy enough to try to commit moosicide or bearicide by truck? People can be killed hitting a small deer or antelope.
    We once hit a coyote on the Trans-Canada Highway, but didn't want to take it home for the freezer.

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