Homemade Microcamper

“If you want to travel through a country on a budget and still sleep in a dry place while it rains, a small camper is perfect. However, I wanted to have a fuel efficient car that could be used as well on a daily basis. I decided to go for a used white Renault Kangoo 1.5dci mini van. It’s highly fuel efficient (5.2l/100km – 45.2mpg / effective range around 1000km – 621 miles), pleasant to drive and if you take the seats out it is an astonishingly big transporter for sport or daily use.

   I planned everything to be modular:

While camping you take the back seats out and are left with two seats and a camping mobile.

You can leave the back seats in the car and install the kitchen box and you have your kitchen with you if you want to go climbing with your friends.

Or you take both boxes out and your car is a normal mini van again.

The main goal was to build a small camper that is very fast and easy to put into a sleeping position.”

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  1. Smart! Great way to travel.

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